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We believe great wines speak clearly and deliciously about the people and place that produced them.

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Rooted In Place

In our world, a dedication to place means understanding both the terroir where we craft our wines and our role in the natural winemaking process. Every choice we make—from soil mapping to organic farming to additive-free fermentation—represents a commitment to principled craftsmanship and minimal human intervention.

Here’s what makes our Willamette Valley Oregon wines and Grand Cru Champagne exceptional:

Rooted columns

Grown in the world’s most celebrated winemaking regions

Planted in nutrient-rich, rocky topsoils and subsoils that convey depth and complexity

Cultivated organically to support the unique biological signature of each vineyard

Dry-farmed to develop deeply-rooted vines that yield concentrated fruit

Whole-cluster fermentation promotes an integrated, velvety tone and texture

Native wild easts from our vineyards yield greater complexity, aroma and flavor

Grapes to Glass

From Grapes to Glass, Why Alit Wine is Different

We spend more to make better wine. You keep the difference.

In the traditional pricing model, hand crafted wine is often priced out of reach. So we’re changing things. When we sell to you directly, we can obsess over quality and make our wine affordable enough to buy and share. The only person who loses is the middleman.

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“Wine has too long been about exclusivity. [Alit is taking] all the elements of the winemaking process and making them inclusive.”


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