We believe great wines speak clearly and deliciously about the people and place that produced them. And that the winemaking process should be shared with everyone, not just “wine people.”

By sharing the decisions that go into each step of our process, we hope to bring you closer to the story of our wine, the people who make it and the place it comes from.

Nature Intro

Wine with integrity.

We worked with MIT scientists and world-renowned terroir expert Pedro Parra (above—in his element) to study how wild yeasts and the right soil transform fresh fruit into our ideal glass of wine. We then tracked backwards to uncover the perfect environment for Mother Nature to do her thing. That’s why we dry farm organically, pick ripe, use whole-cluster grapes and add nothing that doesn’t ride into the winery on our hand-harvested grapes.


Alit Cost Per Bottle

For people, not critics.

We’re challenging the myth that great wine is exclusive by delivering it right to your doorstep—no middlemen, no secrecy, no snobbery. Our wines are available only online and you pay exactly what it costs us to make the wine, plus a small cut for our team. Our hope is that by sharing the decisions that go into each step of the process, we can talk meaningfully about what we do and why it costs what it does.

If we sold our wine the traditional way, you would pay 3X as much.