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We’re not making a dime on this rosé.

Why? It’s one of a kind and the last of its kind, which would traditionally translate to additional markups in the “scores and scarcity” wine world. But for us, true value is determined by wine-making practices and philosophy. We believe this so whole-heartedly, we’re offering our rosé at cost—by doing so, we hope to start a conversation about why it costs what it does, and introduce more people to Alit and our principles.

Alit Wines Transparent Pricing: Rosé

About our rosé.

For us, the magic of rosé is its insistence that we live more fully in the moment, and our 2016 small-batch rosé is particularly fleeting. We made only 200 cases using the very last grapes from our vineyard’s oldest vines: a mingling of our signature pinot noir and the tiniest bit of viognier. This year, we’ll uproot these vines and replant—which means there’ll be no more. Ever.

The grapes were grown organically in our deep, volcanic soil, picked ripe and then direct-pressed specifically to make rosé. We left the skins on just long enough to produce a multidimensional sunset hue—think of the rich, reddish core of a ripe summer peach. A truly singular offering, it has a velvety depth of texture one almost never finds in rosés, the electric energy of a white, and an incredibly floral, French attitude that practically flies out of the glass.