Pinot Noir Trio


$75.30 for Collective members
($15.10 per bottle plus shipping)

3 bottles of Pinot Noir
(three-day air shipping included)
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About Our Pinot Noir

Alit Collective members: We hope you can stop by our new wine room in Dundee, Oregon to purchase your wine directly, and enjoy a glass with us while avoiding shipping costs. If you need to have your wine shipped, note that shipping costs per bottle go down the more you order. Send us a note to place an order and we can mix your bottles any way you like!

  • 6 bottle pinot half case: $129.60
  • 6 bottle champagne & pinot split half case: $155.52
  • 12 bottle pinot case: $241.20
  • 12 bottle champagne & pinot split half case: $293.04

Our inaugural Pinot Noir started with a perfect patch of vineyard on an East-facing hillside in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. From there, we carefully selected twenty-five acres from around Willamette to source fruit for the wine. We farmed the grapes organically in volcanic soil that’s more than 14 million years old, picked them ripe — stems and all — and conducted an orchestra of wild yeasts to transform them into wine.

The all-natural result has something of an anchor and a wave effect: a core of sparkling/radiant red fruit (thanks to that ancient soil) and a wave of cinnamon-and-clove spiciness (from the whole-cluster fermentation and all that yeasty magic) as smooth as velvet. It’s unexpected, and we hope it makes you smile at first sip.