Welcome to Alit

Welcome to Alit: a letter from our founder

Ask anyone who’s passionate about wine if they remember the first bottle they fell in love with, and I’m willing to bet their eyes will light up. They’ll mention a specific vintage or a producer, but their story will really be about an experience: a moment that was elevated from the ordinary to the extraordinary simply because of what they were drinking.

For me, that moment was 35 years ago. My wife, Judy, surprised me one day with an impromptu lunch, and a bottle she’d bought in France that she had been surreptitiously carrying with her for months until the time was right. It wasn’t just the wine that blew me away (though it was amazing), it was the effort she’d taken to get it there.

A bottle of wine’s potential to enhance everything around it—the atmosphere, the conversation, the interaction—is why Alit exists. I’ve been running vineyards for over a decade, and making wines that sell for $60 — $100 per bottle. I’ve made wines that win awards and wines that sell at the country’s best restaurants. It was wonderful…

… but it always felt like we were missing the point.

Because here’s the thing we don’t often talk about when we talk about wine: the way that it’s traditionally sold and marketed is actually contrary to the very idea of wine itself. At its best, it’s made in small quantities by passionate craftspeople who get as much joy from sharing their product as they do from making it. And it doesn’t take a small fortune or months of studying to appreciate the “good stuff.” (Especially when you define the “good stuff,” as we do, as a bottle crafted with integrity and care.) You just have to taste it—and feel connected to the people and place that made it.

In short, our team believes that while making great wine is incredibly hard, sharing and enjoying it shouldn’t be. So we set out to do something quietly radical: lower the barrier to entry for exceptional wine. From how we price our bottles to how we operate our business, we’re constantly chipping away at institutional processes and traditions to make it easier for people to fall head over heels in love with wine.

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to our journal, our community, and the very beginning of our movement. We’re delighted you’re here, and we can’t wait to share a glass with you.